Here are the most prominent projects I have participated in. I suggest my GitHub profile for a more exhaustive compilation.


Eclipse Vert.x is a toolkit for building reactive applications on the Java virtual machine.

I am a core developer.

Golo (creator)


Golo is a simple dynamically-typed language for the JVM. Its lightweight and efficient runtime takes advantage post-Java 7 support for JSR-292 (invokedynamic).

I created Golo as part of my research activities within the Dynamid research team.

Golo has been transferred to the Eclipse Foundation as a Technology Project.

IzPack (creator)


IzPack is a Java-based software installer generation framework which is now part of the Codehaus Foundation. It has been used by a wide range of companies and projects across the world (Sun Microsystems, JBoss/RedHat, XWiki, Nuxeo, Canon Europe and more) and its download hits once peaked at a rate of around 25.000 times per month.

I created the project and built the community around it. IzPack is released under the terms of the liberal Apache License version 2.

I stepped down of the project lead after 11 years, passing the torch to the currently most active developers who greatly deserve the credits for conducting the next releases. While I am still part of the IzPack community and available to help, my involvement will be limited.

GlassFish (contributor)


GlassFish is a free, opensource Java Enterprise Application Server originally created by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle).

I was involved within the GlassFish community through various means:

  • I built an IzPack-based installer for GlassFish v2
  • I did some Q&A work on the code base and proposed some patches
  • I talked at Sun-sponsored events
  • blogs, podcasting and articles
  • community work.

Codehaus Maven Mojo (developer)

Codehaus Mojo

The Codehaus Mojo project is a collection of Maven plugins.


I am part of the OSSGTP, a French opensource think-tank with strong ties into the Java™ world whose members have participated in recognized projects.