Quick pointers

Publications: there is a page for that. You may have a look at my DBLP entry as well.

Teaching: there is a a page for that, too.

PhD Students

  • Patrik Fortier (Since fall 2017, funded by the INSA Lyon / Spie ICS chair on the Internet of Things), co-supervision with Frédéric Le Mouël. Programming language abstractions for the Internet of Things.

  • Jean-Baptiste Trystram (Since fall 2016, CIFRE grant with Red Hat), co-supervision with Frédéric Le Mouël, David Ingham (Red Hat) and Mark Little (Red Hat). Distributed software management for large systems of IoT gateways.

  • Stefan-Gabriel Chitic (Fall 2013 – March 2018, French Research Ministry Grant), co-supervision with Olivier Simonin. Middleware and programming models for multi-robot systems, defended March 15th 2018. Stefan now works at CERN.

  • Ma Fuda (2012 – 2013, China CSC Grant), co-supervision with Stéphane Grumbach. Opted out of his PhD studies at INSA-Lyon.

Research projects

INSA-Lyon / Spie ICS Chair on IoT (2016 –)

I was the scientific co-advisor of the INSA-Lyon / Spie ICS chair on the Internet of Things when it started, then left the position as I moved to a sabbatical at Red Hat. I am still involved as a researcher.

We focus our efforts on the software and radio communication layers for connected objects.

CROME (INSA BQR Grant, 2014 – 2015)

Mobile robot fleets for the multi-view analysis of complex scenes (monitoring, emergency assistance, medical applications, etc).

I am involved through research on robot fleet middleware.

Golo (2012 –)

A lightweight dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine. See http://golo-lang.org/.

JooFlux (2011 – 2014)

A Java agent for dynamic aspect-oriented middlewares, see https://github.com/dynamid/jooflux.

LogOS (2009 – 2010)

Securing OSGi services interactions and behavior gathering (via the ANR LISE project which I was loosely involved in).

ServiceMosaic (2004 – 2008)

I was a founding member of French-Italian-Australian ServiceMosaic project which was the umbrella project of my PhD thesis work. (note: the server is unmaintained it seems)

  • I lead and developed the ServiceMosaic Protocols project (this is a restored version of the code).
  • I defined the technological choices and guidelines for the ServiceMosaic projects development and coordination.
  • I set up the collaborative development infrastructure on the project server: (Ubuntu Linux, Trac, Subversion, Security, Access Control, web pages, …).

Administrative involvements

Associate Director CITI Lab - Relations with Industrial Partners and the Civil Society (2014 – 2017)

I was in charge of the development of relationships with big industries, SMEs as well as with members of the Civil Society. This included identifying potential partners, collaboration frameworks, as well as scientific popularisation.

Dynamid team leader (by interim, January to June 2015)

I lead the Dynamid research team by interim.

Scientific community services


I was a co-chair of the French CAR Conference held in Lyon in June 2015.

I co-organized the 2011 edition of the fOSSa conference. I was also the chair of the development track.

PhD thesis jury

Reviews logs

Reviewing research papers is part of my duties. Here is a log that I am trying to maintain starting from August 2010 (I don’t recall all the reviews I did in the past – my mistake).

Program committee and/or reviewer:

Bachelor and Master Supervisions

At INSA/Lyon:

  • Raphael Laurent (INSA/TC)
  • Maria-Roxana Pirlea (INSA/TC)
  • Abhishek Kedia (INSA/IST Semester)
  • Samu Tamminen (INSA/IST Semester)
  • Gavrilin Evgenii (INSA/IST Semester)
  • Javier Lallana (INSA/IST Semester)
  • Andrea Attwenger (INSA/IST Semester)
  • Michael Genkin (INSA/IST Semester, University of Munich)
  • Anthonin Auroy (INSA/TC)
  • Mathieu Faivre (INSA/TC)
  • Sylvain Gizard (INSA/TC)
  • Geoffrey Bérard (INSA/TC)
  • Bertrand Chevalier (INSA/TC)
  • Felipe Aciedo Vera (Master/RTS)

At Université Blaise Pascal and ISIMA:

  • Anthonin Bonnefoy (ISIMA)
  • David Duponchel (ISIMA)
  • Romain Tertiaux (ISIMA)
  • Alexis Wilheim (ISIMA)
  • Nadir Boukefa (UBP)
  • Benjamin Roux (UBP)
  • Alexis Plantin (UBP)
  • Mickael Lasnes (UBP)
  • Samuel Djian (UBP)
  • Thomas Morel (UBP)
  • Mustapha Elouarghani (ISIMA)
  • Omar El Hajjouji (ISIMA)
  • Alexandre Vallin (ISIMA)
  • Nicolas Lombard (ISIMA)
  • Florent Lebeau (ISIMA)
  • Pierre Sempé (ISIMA)
  • Paul de Vlieger (UBP)
  • Ai Deng (UBP)
  • Joffray Devaux (UBP)
  • Sandrine Rivet (CNAM)
  • Geoffrey Garcia (ISIMA)
  • Kevin Hivernat (CNAM)
  • Olivier Coupelon (UBP)
  • Pierre Colomb (UBP)
  • Frédéric Desforge (UBP)
  • Olivier Montagner (UBP)
  • Olivier Passalacqua (UBP)