Current teaching

IST semester

I am the current head of the INSA-Lyon Information Science & Technology Semester program where international students can follow IT courses in English at spanning across the domains of computer science, telecommunication and electrical engineering.


  • Foundations of distributed systems
  • Implementation of component containers with remoting, session replication and dependency injection
  • Implementation of reliable messaging systems
  • Dealing with concurrency
  • Java EE with GlassFish
  • Web-oriented architectures
  • Cloud computing: the old challenges strike back

Master RTS

Master RTS

  • Cloud computing
  • Massively distributed computing
  • Massively distributed data stores

Minor participations

  • Java and object-oriented programming
  • Software engineering and practices: build automation (Maven), unit testing (JUnit, Mockito), functional & integration testing (examples on OSGi PAX-Exam)
  • Web development
  • Algorithms and data structures


At INSA-Lyon Telecom

Mobile development on Apple iOS

  • An Objective-C primer
  • Getting started with XCode and UIKit
  • Cocoa Touch and model-view-controller
  • Playing with hardware: geolocation, camera, magnetic heading, accelerometers
  • Integration with external backends through web services

At ISIMA & Université Blaise Pascal

Applications integration

  • Foundations of distributed systems
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Java EE 5 using GlassFish

Web services & service-oriented architectures

  • WS-* stacks
  • REST
  • Ajax-based web mashups

Software engineering

  • Automation
  • Testing


  • Relational model and algebra
  • Theory of normal forms
  • SQL
  • PL/SQL

Advanced programming

  • C++ STL
  • Meta-programming in a statically typed language: C++ STL
  • Meta-programming in a dynamic language: Ruby

Network & system programming in C

  • Unix IPC
  • TCP/IP and UDP programming


  • C programming
  • Ada programming
  • Numerical programming (FFT, etc)
  • Combinatorial programming (CPlex)

At the University of New South Wales

Software testing (e-Commerce Systems Implementation Infrastructure — COMP9321). Invited lecture at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.