Blogging has had a hard time with the rise of social media where the shorter is the better.

Like many friends, I gradually reduced my blogging activities up to the point of stopping it. There is no trace of my past blogs, except maybe if you look into the Wayback Machine.

I found what I had expected to be a solution in the previous instalment of my website in the form of notes that were supposed to be random longer-form writings. This was great, but in the end of the day this was just a blog in disguise.

After a long pause, I now feel the need for blogging again.

While I won’t blog every week, I feel that there is a missing bit in the way that I communicate. A missing bit that neither the walled gardens of Twitter, Tumblr or Google+ can replace: taking the time to craft a post that will end on my personal website instead of being trapped in the constant massive flow of information that feed the so-called “social profiles”.

This new blog has an import of a very limited set of past entries that I found worth keeping. I have a good backlog of items to blog about, but I will take time to do so.

Spoiler alert: expect a series of posts on the invokedynamic-based runtime internals of Golo explained in an accessible manner.

Until next time, I suggest that you: