Two years ago I ventured into spending some time in industry. I was delegated by INSA Lyon to work with Red Hat on the Eclipse Vert.x project.

What had to happen happened: I loved the experience, enjoyed working with the people here, started interesting work, and after 2 years it became just too soon to end the journey.

I always wanted to work at the frontier between industry and academia, and Red Hat gave me the chance and the perfect context to do it.

I am glad to start today as a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, and I look forward to the fun challenges ahead! The reactive space is an interesting place to be. More generally, modern distributed systems are all the rage, and we are no short of challenges to help teams better deliver highly-scalable and resilient systems.

On a side-note: I am not leaving academia.

I will be on leave from INSA Lyon, but I will remain involved with research at the CITI Laboratory and keep collaborating with my team. At the very least I will keep supervising Jean-Baptiste (disciple #2) and Patrik (disciple #3) as they work towards getting their PhDs.

I learned and grew up a lot over the past 9 years at INSA. It has not always been an easy ride, but it was worth every bit of it. I am thankful to the people I worked with here, and I am also very grateful to the institution that gave me every support to follow this path.

Hello, Red Hat!