Cover of Vert.x in Action

I am happy to announce that my upcoming book Vert.x in Action: Asynchronous and Reactive Applications in Java is now available in early access at Manning!

The road towards completion is still long, but the beauty of the Manning Early Access Program is that readers can give their feedback as chapters are being written and edited.

By purchasing a book, you do participate in making a book even better!

I am looking forward to hearing from you, and I hope that this book will be useful to you.

As enterprise applications become larger and more distributed, new architectural approaches like reactive designs, microservices, and event streams are required knowledge. The Vert.x framework provides a mature, rock-solid toolkit for building reactive applications using Java, Kotlin, or Scala. Vert.x in Action teaches you to build responsive, resilient, and scalable JVM applications with Vert.x using well-established reactive design patterns.

Vert.x in Action teaches you to build highly-scalable reactive enterprise applications. In this practical developer’s guide, Vert.x expert Julien Ponge gets you up to speed in the basics of asynchronous programming as you learn to design and code reactive applications. Using the Vert.x asynchronous APIs, you’ll build services including web stack, messaging, authentication, and access control. You’ll also dive into deployment of container-native components with Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift. Along the way, you’ll check your app’s health and learn to test its resilience to external service failures.

As a member of the Vert.x core team, Julien Ponge has up-close-and-personal experience you can trust. The lessons and examples in this book center on principles that will easily transfer to other reactive technologies, empowering you to apply what you learn using Vert.x or the reactive tech of your choice. With the rising tide of microservices and distributed systems, reactive programming is flowing into the mainstream. With Vert.x in Action, you’ll be sailing smoothly!